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Nag Panchmi 2016 Shubh Muhurat Best Timing For Pooja Vidhi | Procedure

Happy Nag Panchami 2016 Puja Muhurat Timing Vidhi Mantra ... Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi | Procedure

Nag Panchmi Shubh Muhurat Timing 2016 for Puja Date Duration

 If you are searching for when is Nag Panchami Shubh Muhurat Timing 2016 for Puja Date Duration .Nag Panchami (Devanagari: नाग पंचमी) is a traditional worship of snakes or serpents observed by Hindus throughout India and also in Nepal. The worship is offered on the fifth day of bright half of Lunar month of Shravan(July/August), according to the Hindu calendar. The abode of snakes is believed to be patal lok, (the seven realms of the universe located below the earth) and lowest of them is also called Naga-loka, the region of the Nagas, as part of the creation force and their blessings are sought for the welfare of the family. Serpent deity made of silver, stone or wood or the painting of snakes on the wall are given a bath with milk and then revered.On the Nag Panchami day Nag, cobras, and snakes are worshipped with milk, sweets, flowers, lamps and even sacrifices. Images of Nag deities made of silver, stone, wood, or paintings on the wall are first bathed with water and milk and then worshipped with the reciting of the mantras

Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi | Procedure | Nepali | Hindi | English | Marathi

Nag Panchami Puja Muhurat = 5:59 to 08:42
Duration = 2 Hours 43 Mins
Panchami Tithi Begins= 20:23 on 18th August 2016
Panchami Tithi Ends = 22:56 on 19th August 2016

कैसे करें नागों की पूजा (Nag Panchami Puja Vidhi in Hindi)
नाग पंचमी के दिन पूजा के कुछ विशेष नियम निम्न हैं:

Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi

* इस दिन अपने दरवाजे के दोनों ओर गोबर से सर्पों की आकृति बनानी चाहिए और धूप, पुष्प आदि से इसकी पूजा करनी चाहिए।Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* इसके बाद इन्द्राणी देवी की पूजा करनी चाहिए। दही, दूध, अक्षत, जलम पुष्प, नेवैद्य आदि से उनकी आराधना करनी चाहिए।

* तत्पश्चात भक्तिभाव से ब्राह्मणों को भोजन कराने के बाद स्वयं भोजन करना चाहिए।Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* इस दिन पहले मीठा भोजन फिर अपनी रुचि अनुसार भोजन करना चाहिए।Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* इस दिन द्रव्य दान करने वाले पुरुष पर कुबेर जी की दयादृष्टि बनती है।Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* मान्यता है कि अगर किसी जातक के घर में किसी सदस्य की मृत्यु सांप के काटने से हुई हो तो उसे बारह महीने तक पंचमी का व्रत करना चाहिए। इस व्रत के फल से जातक के कुल में कभी भी सांप का भय नहीं होगा।Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi

कसरी साँप उपासनाको (हिन्दी मा Nag Panchami puja Vidhi)
Nag Panchami उपासनाको दिन, केही विशेष नियमहरू छन्:Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* आफ्नो ढोका को या त पक्षमा गोबर को दिन उपासना गर्नुपर्छ साँप र धूप, फूल आदि को आकृति गर्नुपर्छ।
* अर्को Indrani देवी उपासना गर्नुपर्छ। दही, दूध, चामल, Jhajjar पुष्प, Nevady आदि तिनीहरूलाई उपासना गर्नुपर्छ।
* त्यसपछि reverentially खिला पछि खान आफूलाई Brahmins।Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* आफ्नो रुचि को दिन त मीठो खाना खान।
Mammon lovingkindness दिनमा पैसा दान गर्ने * पुरुष व्यवस्था हुन्छ।
* मूल को एक सदस्य को घर मा कुनै सर्प बाइट्स देखि मृत्यु हुन सक्छ भने, यो बाह्र महिना Panchami फास्ट गर्नुपर्छ भनेर चिन्न। साँप को डर देशी फल को भाकल कहिल्यै गर्दैनन्।

How snakes worship (Nag Panchami Puja Vidhi in Hindi)
Nag Panchami day of worship, some special rules are:
* The day of dung on either side of your door should shape of snakes and incense, flowers etc. should worship.
* Next Indrani Devi should worship. Yogurt, milk, rice, Jhajjar floral, Nevady etc. should worship them.
* Then reverentially Brahmins themselves to eat after feeding.
* The day of your choice then to eat sweet food.
* Men who donate money on the day of Mammon lovingkindness becomes law.
* Recognize that if anyone in the house of a member of the native may have died from snake bites, it should fast twelve months Panchami. The vow of native fruits of the fear of snakes will not ever.

कसे साप उपासना (हिंदी नाग पंचमी पूजा Vidhi)
नाग पंचमी उपासना दिवस, काही विशेष नियम आहेत:Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* आपल्या दरवाजा एकतर बाजूला शेण दिवस उपासना केली पाहिजे साप आणि धूप, फुलं इ आकार पाहिजे.Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* पुढील इंद्राणी देवी उपासना केली पाहिजे. दही, दूध, तांदूळ, Jhajjar फुलांचा, Nevady इत्यादी विविध उपासना केली पाहिजे.
* मग reverentially स्तनपान खायला स्वत: ब्राह्मण.Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* आपल्या पसंतीच्या दिवस नंतर गोड अन्न खाणे.Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
पैशाची प्रेम दिवशी पैसे दान करणाऱ्या * पुरुष कायदा होते.Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi
* मुळ सदस्य मंदिरात कोणी साप चावणे, मृत्यू झाला आहे, तर, तो बारा महिने पंचमी उपास पाहिजे की ओळखले. साप भीती मुळ फळे नवस कधीही नाही.Nag Panchami Pooja Vidhi

Nagas in Naga Loka
In some regions of the country milk is offered along with crystallized sugar, rice pudding (kheer in local parlance). A special feature is of offering a lotus flower which is placed in a silver bowl. In front of this bowl, a rangoli (coloured design pattern) of snake is created on the floor with a brush made of wood or clay or silver or gold withsandalwood or turmeric paste as the paint. The design pattern will resemble a five hooded snake. Devotees then offer worship to this image on the floor. In villages, the anthills where the snakes are thought to reside, are searched. Incense is offered to the anthill as prayer along with milk (a myth of folk lore to feed milk to the snakes) to ensnare snakes to come out of the anthill. After this, milk is poured into the hole in the anthill as a libation to the snake god.[5]On this occasion doorways and walls outside the house are painted with pictures of snakes, auspicious mantras (spells) are also written on them. It is believed that such depictions will ward off poisonous snakes.[5]Nag Panchami is also the occasion observed as Bhratru Panchami when women with brothers worship snakes and its holes, and offer prayers to propitiate nagas so that their brothers are protected and do not suffer or die due to snake bite.The Nag Panchami is also celebrated as Vishari Puja or Bishari Puja in some parts of the country and Bisha or Visha means “poison”

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